The Miraculous Mother – A Children’s Book by Tim Gagnon

The Miraculous Mother – A Children’s Book by Tim Gagnon

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This book comes out in November of 2023

My mother, Connie Carman Gagnon, was an unbelievably kind and caring person. She was the most non-judgmental and understanding person I’ve ever had in my life. She always saw the good in anyone, no matter what their life entailed. If you needed words of encouragment, needed to be loved, needed to know that you mattered, she was there to give you that, no matter who you were. She also lived to be a mother, and she did it with every ounce of energy she had. Being a mother was her dream and she was the best mother I could have ever had.

In December of 2021 my mother passed away, unexpectedly. She was only 66 years old.

When I was growing up, she always encouraged me to draw. She would draw with me at the kitchen table, and we would make up stories. It seems like it was almost every night she would read me books, or sing to me, or just talk with me and use our imaginations together. She always encouraged creativity.

I ended up being a full time artist. I create paintings and illustrations, and I also teach people all over the world how to paint. I’ve been doing that for close to 20 years now, and that is in huge part because of my mother’s encouragement and support. One thing she always said to me, even when I was just a teenager drawing in my sketchbook, was that she would love it if I created a children’s book. I always told her “I will someday, just for you.” Well, I never did create that children’s book for her.

When she passed away I was devastated, and to be honest, still am. I really wanted to honor her in a way that I knew she would love. So I sat down and wrote a children’s book for her a few days after she passed. Not only did I write one for her, I wrote it ABOUT her. I know if she were around to hear it she would love it so much. I know everyone who had a great mother will relate to this story. Because great mothers are the backbone to our successes, our confidence, our morals and to be honest, our life.

Here is the version of the story I read at the funeral. I plan on possibly making the final version a little longer.

Children’s books sometimes rely on imagery to help carry the story, and unfortunately I don’t have many pictures for you, so you will have to all use your imagination, but I will help you out. Imagine a strong superhero, someone kind of like superman, your typical buff and slightly arrogant hero type. Now picture a little curious boy walking over to the superhero and tugging on his cape to get his attention, because he wants to tell him something really really important. This is where my story begins.

The Miraculous Mother

Excuse me, sir. Did you know my mom is a superhero?

Oh really? Does she have any superpowers?

Yes, she has many

Does your mom have a long cape, or a fancy uniform with big shiny boots?

No, but sometimes I think her oven mitts are magic, because every time she cooks its the most delicious food I have ever tasted.

Well, does your mom have super human strength? Can she throw heavy boulders high into the sky? Lift an automobile over her head, or bend steel with her bare hands?

No, but if I ever feel scared or nervous, all my mom has to do is give me one single hug and all of a sudden I feel safe.

But, can your mom at least run faster than a speeding train? Can she jump higher than the tallest buildings?

No, but my mom has the ability to be in a thousand places at once. One second she’s at my baseball games cheering loudly, the next minute she’s at my school play smiling ear to ear, and if I ever feel sad and lonely she suddenly appears out of nowhere to make me laugh and feel happy again. I just don’t know how she does it all.

I guess maybe you’re right, maybe your mom truly is a superhero. What else can she do?

Let me tell you about my mom’s secret superpower. Each night she tucks me into my bed and tells me she’s proud of me and that she loves me, and somehow she transfers some of her super powers to me and I become the bravest, most confident kid in the world.

Wow your mom truly is amazing, does she have a superhero name?

Actually, yes she does, I like to call her… The Miraculous Mother

























I hope you enjoyed my story about my mother, and I honestly hope it made you think about your mother. Mothers are the true creators of life, but beyond creating life they help us live our own lives to the fullest.

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