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About Tim Gagnon

Read about award winning artist and instructor Tim Gagnon.

As a young child I was encouraged to draw and color. My mother would always draw me pictures, and tell stories with her drawings. The older I grew, the more I enjoyed drawing. I would find myself drawing every day. Most of the time I drew animals, or cartoons. I found that drawing was a good way to express emotions, or to vent in a non verbal way.

"I like to paint what is deep in my mind rather than what I filter through my eyes."

- Tim Gagnon (Artist)

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What Artists Like You Are Saying

It's unreal how much I've improved after taking Tim's online painting lessons.  I was getting so frustrated with painting, but after watching a few lessons I had the inspiration and the know how to get back on track.  I'm really happy with my progress now!

Andrea - Denver, CO

I have always painted in oils, but the fumes have started bothering me so I really wanted to learn how to paint in acrylic.  Tim is the best teacher of acrylic painting on the internet.  I found transitioning a lot easier than I expected.  Thank you Tim for your knowledge, and easy to follow lessons!

Bill - Richmond, VA

I really wanted to learn how to paint horses.  I tried a few other instructors but they made the process way to complicated.  I did my first successful painting of a horse following Tim's "Facing The Winds" lesson.  

Della - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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