Jenna Silander – Going Home – Acrylic Painting Lesson on DVD

Jenna Silander – Going Home – Acrylic Painting Lesson on DVD

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Lesson Preview:

Going Home – Lesson Preview from GagnonStudio on Vimeo.

Join Jenna Silander in painting “Going Home,” a beautiful acrylic work of art. Imagine walking through the forest on a brightly lit night. There is something special about being outside in the evening. You’re surrounded by quiet, the air is cool and you can truly connect to nature. It even has a touch of eeriness to help you feel alive. You come to a clearing and look up. You see the clouds moving swiftly across the sky, being illuminated by the bright moon as they dance by. It’s a beautiful moment.

You can now capture that moment on canvas with Jenna. She will take you through each step in the process in creating this acrylic painting. From layering in the background to building up the light from the moon. Capture each step from start to finish in this easy to follow acrylic painting lesson. Join Jenna today and paint “Going Home.”

Colors Used: Prussian Blue, Oxide Black, Titanium White, Naples Yellow, Payne’s Gray, Purple (any shade of purple will work well)

Canvas Size: 11 X 14

Lesson Length: 1.5 hours

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