Jenna Silander – Field of Dreams – An Acrylic Painting Lesson

Jenna Silander – Field of Dreams – An Acrylic Painting Lesson

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As the wind slowly whispers through a field of grain, the sun sets over the horizon creating a colorful glow in the sky. Jenna Silander captures the calmness of an open field that is topped off by a beautiful sunset. You can learn how to paint this ethereal painting with Jenna.

Jenna will take you through mixing all of your colors and applying each brush stroke to create this beautiful painting. Learn how to layer your paint, and how to transition from one color to the next. Learn how to add details in the foreground while reducing detail and saturation as you move toward the horizon to create distance within the same color.

This painting is a ton of fun to create, and you can finish it in one sitting. Once you learn these techniques you can scale it up and create a big painting in the same style. Learn how effective space can be in this painting lesson.

Come join Jenna today in her painting lesson Field of Dreams.

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