Tim Gagnon Studio DVD Membership – 12 Months


Tim Gagnon Studio DVD Membership – 12 Months

US $269.00


What if there was a platform like NetFlix, but for painting lessons? What if you had access to hundreds of painting lessons all the time, and access to new ones that came out every month just like your favorite TV shows?

Sometimes you feel like painting along with a lesson and watch it, rewind it, and watch it again to pick up a lot of the details that you can use in your painting. Sometimes you might want to just watch a lesson for fun to see how a painting was done, and it gives you inspiration to paint. When you have to purchase each individual lesson it’s harder to watch a lot of lessons leisurely, so you have to really pick and choose what you purchase.

Here is a lesson preview:

Learning new techniques is a process. You watch the technique be done, you practice doing it yourself, and then you improve and develop new techniques. Watching more will not only give you the inspiration to paint, but the tools to grow and expand your techniques. I can show you a ton of techniques myself, but it’d be even better if you were learning form multiple artists. In this membership I am creating just that. A team of artists to teach you even more techniques, endless supply of videos to watch and you get to be part of our private group discussions!

Let’s talk about what comes in the Tim Gagnon Studio DVD Membership.

Every lesson from Jenna Silander and Filomena Irving sent out to you on DVD automatically.  Your choice of two Tim Gagnon lessons shipped to you each month.

Instant access to every individual lesson online on the website from me and from the artist team. That’s hundreds of lessons you can watch anytime, as many times as you want!

DVD for every new lesson that comes out from guest artists each month, as well as two of your choice from Tim Gagnon . My artist team members will be putting out one lesson a month, and I will be putting out at least two lessons a month. That means 4 new lessons in oil and acrylic, every month, covering all subject matter.  You get the lessons from Filomena and Jenna sent to you automatically.  Then pick two lessons you’d like from the website from Tim Gagnon you’d like shipped to you each month.  They can be old ones or new ones.  It’s up to you!  I’ve hired a full time shipping fulfillment manager.  That means monthly shipments, rather than periodic shipments.

Access to our private facebook group page for members only. Here you’ll get short demos, critiques, live videos, discussion on supplies and material. You ask a question, you’ll get an answer.

Access to a variety of other artist tools online – an always growing library of color mixing charts, reference photos, drawing lessons, short demonstrations and quick lessons.

Members only newsletter – this newsletter will go out to your email once per month letting you know what’s new in your membership, quick tips, artist opportunities and contests, artist news and stories

Here is a drawing lesson preview:

Who is part of the artist team?

Tim Gagnon – I created this online painting and art lesson website in 2008.  I’ve been teaching online and in person for the last 12 years.  I’ll teach you everything from animals, still life and florals to landscapes with big clouds and dramatic sunsets.  My work has been collected all over the world, and I’ve taught over 30,000 people my techniques online and in person.  (My lesson preview is above)

Jenna Silander – Jenna creates beautiful atmospheric landscapes. Her focus on detail gives her paintings a distinct realism. She will show you her techniques to achieve this beautiful look.

Preview for Jenna Silander’s Lessons:

Filomena Irving – Filomena creates amazing florals that have a loose Monet feel to them. They are vibrant and flow beautifully over the canvas. She will show you all of her techniques from start to finish.

Preview for Filomena Irving’s Lessons:

More artist team member announcements coming soon, who deal with portraits and florals!

How does the membership work?

When you purchase the membership, every individual lesson on the website will unlock for you.  That’s over 150 lessons you can access instantly.  You will also get every new individual lesson that comes out each month automatically.  You’ll get a minimum of 3 new lessons a month.  You will receive one from me, one from Jenna and one from Filomena.

You’ll also get instant access to color mixing charts, drawing lessons and more that will aid you in your art adventures.

The membership renews each year at a renewal rate of $269.00 per year.

Breakdown of what you get:

*At least 3 new lessons in oil or acrylic each month from multiple artists (unlimited viewing)

*Access to every individual lesson in oil and acrylic on the website (unlimited viewing)

*Access to drawing lessons, color mixing charts, photo reference libraries

*Access to the members only newsletter and facebook group page where you can get critiques and advice from all three artists!





To purchase this lesson, click Add to Cart, then click Checkout, and follow the onscreen instructions. Once you've completed the order, you'll be able to instantly access the lesson by clicking the blue button labeled with your display name in the upper-right and then selecting My Painting Lessons.

Note: DVD orders are shipped via First Class mail and should arrive within 5 to 7 business days.

With every Tim Gagnon Studio online lesson purchase, you receive:

  • Immediate access – just purchase and begin painting
  • Start to finish instruction – no cutouts – you’ll see every brushstroke of every painting
  • Easy-to-learn techniques – develop skills to promote consistency in your style for a more professional look
  • Unlimited viewing, no expiration – view the lesson as many times as you’d like, whenever you’d like
  • Download the lesson directly to your hard drive for easy, offline access
  • No expiration – once purchased, you’ll have access to the lesson forever
  • FREE access to Critique Corner community – get/give advice, interact, and share photos of your work with other artists taking the same lesson

Tim Gagnon is the creator of online and DVD-based instructional art lessons for over 17,500 students in over 30 countries.  In 2012, he was voted as one of the Top 50 Emerging Artists by Art Business News. His easy-to-learn instruction and unique, modern style has propelled him to one of the most followed artists in the United States.

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